The One & Only Orbeez #Challenge and 75,000 Rainbow Orbeez Seeds Review

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Editor's Review

Orbeez are so much fun to grow and squish, but did you know you can also explode, crush, slice, and flow? With The One & Only Orbeez #Challenge set, there are more than 15 ways to play with this tactile toy.

Some of the Orbeez have already been grown so you can start playing while you wait for the Orbeez seeds to grow in water.

Scoop up some of the Orbeez and pour them into the accordion-style cup. Twist and lock on the lid, and place the cup inside the playspace. Quickly push down on the cup to make Orbeez explode from the hole in the lid’s center. Or insert the stopper into the lid, turn the cup upside down, insert it into the hole in the playspace’s handle, and remove the stopper to watch the Orbeez flow out. The top of the cup can be detached and used as a funnel, too.

Alternatively, use the scoop as a lid on top of the cup and you can squirt Orbeez into the playspace by pushing down on the cup.

You can also fill the playspace with Orbeez and roll the rolling pin over them to pick up Orbeez in the rolling pin’s holes. And if you use the crusher to crush Orbeez, roll the rolling pin over that. The crushed compound can also be scooped and sliced.

The One & Only Orbeez #Challenge and 75,000 Rainbow Orbeez Seeds

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We’re sure kids will find even more ways to play with Orbeez, and they might even want to make their own Orbeez videos to share on social media using the hashtag #orbeezchallenge (with parental approval, of course). Orbeez have such a great texture, whether as in water bead form or crushed-up form, and this playset will inspire a lot of imaginative play.

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