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Editor's Review

The Night Hunter is an all in one murder mystery game for ages 14 and up. You can play solo, or collaboratively with friends. A case once thought closed is opened back up when a string of killings crops up once more, despite the murderer turning himself in decades ago. Inside the box, you get an agent’s field guide and a UV light. These two tools will help you at various points in your investigation. The field guide includes diagrams of various wild animal bites, toxicology index, fingerprint diagrams and more.

The game is divided into 4 chapters, which provide you with pieces of evidence, like letters, newspaper articles, blood tests, etcetera. It’s your job to comb through each piece of evidence, determine what is or is not important, and solve each checkpoint objective. Once you have a solid guess as to the solution, only then do you open the next envelope. Make sure you have an internet connection too, since the Night Hunter website is critically important and supplements the game in an important way. Funny enough, we were scratching our heads on one of the objectives before checking the website and realizing it was more than just a means to check your answers. Overall, the Night Hunter is a robust and fun challenge for sleuthy types or for groups of friends looking for a cooperative challenge. The fact that there is a way to check your progress if desired is a nice feature.

The Night Hunter

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The Night Hunter is a well made and curated murder mystery game. It strikes a satisfying balance of being challenging, while not overly so. Whether you play with friends or by yourself, we highly recommend giving this game a try.


  • It offers hours of playtime with a ton of evidence to pour over.
  • The types of evidence are diverse and engaging.
  • There is a way to check your progress via the website.
  • Also, based on our opinion, it’s a pleasing level of difficulty!


  • None (besides the fact that once you solve the mystery, that’s it! Such is the nature of these games.)

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