The Legend of Zelda Hanayama Brain Teasers Review

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Editor's Review

For consideration, we have the Hyrulian Crest Puzzle, the Triforce Puzzle, and the Master Sword Puzzle. Each puzzle is made of a sturdy metal with a burnished finish. The Hyrule Crest has a copper-like color, the Triforce is appropriately a yellowy brass color and the Master Sword is a sleek silver. The puzzles feel weighty enough to feel high quality, but light enough to be satisfying to handle, and trust us, you’re gonna be handling these for a while. Of the three puzzles, the only one we were able to solve by time of review is the Triforce. Once you see the mechanism that was keeping it together so well, it’ll make you go aaahhhhhh, clever! Putting it back together is a challenge in its own right, though! With the other two, we had the courage to try, but our wisdom was lacking. We made headway on the Master Sword, but the crest, despite having the lowest difficulty rating of the three, is the most mystifying to us. It’s hard to tell how much progress you’re making, at least in our opinion. The cool thing about all three though, is that they look like great display pieces, in addition to being puzzles. Even if you can’t figure them out completely, they’re a lot of fun to fidget with, and even more fun to look at.

Zelda Hanayama Brain Teaser

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We highly recommend these! They provide satisfactions to puzzle people, but even if you can’t solve them, they still look great on a desk or shelf, and feel great in-hand.


  • They’re sturdy, hefty and well made, but still light enough to handle comfortably.
  • They look beautiful.
  • They’re challenging to disassemble and reassemble! We only managed to beat 1 out of 3, but we look forward to trying until we get the rest!


  • None!

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