The Batman Next Level Exclusive Die-cast Batman & Batmobile Review

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Editor's Review

The Hollywood Rides Batmobile comes in a very slick and uniquely shaped box. The quality of the box instantly tips you off that its contents are high quality. Inside you’ll find a die-cast Batmobile and a small die-cast Batman statue.

The Batmobile is a very faithful replica of the on-screen muscle-car, but the car body has a dark gray chrome surface, rather than matte black. While we do wish it was slightly darker, the dark grey really allows you to appreciate much more detail than black would, and sets it apart from other similarly-scaled toys. The light catches on the surface of the car super well! Just be careful, the polished die-cast surface is a fingerprint magnet.

Matte and semigloss finishes can be found on the super detailed hood, and rear engine area. The interior is black, and is also packed with molded detail, including the single seat, a steering wheel, built in computer monitor, and more. The Batman statue is fully painted and has a good amount of molded detail for its size. It’s not articulated, and can’t be placed inside the Batmobile, but they do look very good standing side by side. Lastly, the Batmobile rolls very smoothly on its sturdy, treaded, hard rubber tires.

The Batman Next Level Exclusive Die-cast Batman & Batmobile

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This special edition of the Jada Toys die-cast Batmobile is available via their online Next Level storefront. If you’re looking for a compact yet head-turning display piece for your shelf, consider picking this up and avoid the FOMO!


  • The box is very high quality.
  • There’s a tremendous amount of intricate detail all over the Batmobile.
  • It has a great weight to it, and rolls well.
  • It comes with a properly scaled die-cast Batman statue.


  • Fingerprints can show up easily on the chrome surface.
  • The color may be a tad light for some.

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