The Batman Batmobile with Action Figure Review

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Editor's Review

As awesome as this new Batmobile design is, the question remains, how well does it pull off the look of its on-screen inspiration? We’re happy to say, very well! This version of the Batmobile seems much more like a DIY, souped up mustang, and the matte finish on the car body helps give it that feel. The exposed thruster and hubcaps are done up in a pearlescent gray and a metallic dark gray respectively. There is translucent plastic on the headlights, the overhead brake light, and the blue flames. The interior is well detailed, has a turning wheel, and seats to accommodate the included Batman figure.

The figure is well detailed, and has a synthetic cloth cape and very basic articulation at the shoulders, elbows, knees, and head. Props for the included thigh swivel! This Batmobile comes with lights and sounds built in, thanks to the 3 included AAA batteries. Flip on the switch underneath the car, and then either roll it to get driving noises, or press the button on the thruster to get accelerating, shooting, and blasting noises. The headlights, brake lights, and flames light up too! As the cherry on top, this car rolls like a dream on its real rubber wheels.

The Batman Batmobile with Action Figure

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Very fun! The opening doors, lights and sounds, and smooth rolling action all make this an incredible toy for imaginative play.

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