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Editor's Review

The box for the die cast Batmobile is wide and well windowed, allowing you to not only admire the piece in box, but try out the light up feature. Oh yes, batteries are included with this bad boy! Out of box collectors, grab a screwdriver, cuz you’re gonna need it.

Now that we have a closer look, this is definitely our favorite Batmobile that Jada has put out this year. The matte black finish is accented by metallic and semigloss black in different areas on the surface of the car. Inside, you can see a fully detailed interior, with very tiny decals for the odometer. The engine area is just…SO cool to look at, and this larger 1:18 scale really lets you appreciate the details like never before. Its size and die cast composition combined give it a very satisfying weight.

You can pop this hood panel, and open the car doors for even more display options. The light feature is well distributed, evenly blasting white, red, and orange light from the headlights, rear lights, and hood respectively. It rolls very smoothly on real rubber treaded tires. You also get a 1:18 scale die cast Batman, statue, which is not articulated. Given how beautiful the car is, the Batman statue, by comparison, does not shine quite as brightly. Don’t get us wrong, the sculpt is excellent, but at this scale, the paint is a bit basic, so it doesn’t look quite as sharp as expected. Looks great from a distance though!

Batmobile Jada 1 18th scale 780 x 780

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Out of all of Jada’s excellent Batmobiles, this was our personal favorite. The slightly larger scale does wonders for the details, and the lights are a really nice display feature.


  • The size gives the toy a bolder shelf presence, accentuates details even more, and allows it to have a super satisfying weight.
  • The light features are bright and colorful.
  • Batteries are included.
  • The paint and sculpt are simply wonderful.
  • It even has opening doors, a  hood, and rolling wheels.


The included statue is slightly disappointing, but the fact that it’s included at all is still a cool bonus.

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