Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Street Style BST AXN Figures Review

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Editor's Review

The BST AXN Streetwear Turtles have excellent boxes. The window of the package is very open, allowing you to appreciate the figure unopened. These varsity jacket-wearing versions of the Turtles look spot on to their cartoon counterparts thanks to the great sculpt and paint job. The Loyal Subjects really nailed the exact proportions and colors. They all come with a ton of accessories, including their signature weapons and 4 alternate hands. Each turtle has three variants, which change not only the jacket color, but what accessories you get. Of course, there’s also the super rare prototype color, if you happen to be very lucky while shopping. Handle with care, as the accessories can be slightly delicate.

Articulation-wise the turtles have a ball joint in the head, double jointed elbows and knees, swivel in the biceps and thighs, and ankle articulation. The double joints are encumbered slightly by the elbow and knee pads, but you can still pull off some excellent poses. Given how nice the detail looks, we’re fine with that compromise.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Street Style BST AXN Figures

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These toys have great detail for their size and an abundance of accessories for the price. Add in the high accuracy to the cartoon aesthetic and you have some excellent figures! Definitely consider picking some up.


  • They have nice packaging for in-box collectors.
  • They have great articulation.
  • They come with tons of accessories.
  • They have stellar sculpts and paintwork. These figures absolutely nail the 90s cartoon aesthetic, like they were pulled right out of the TV!


  • The elbow and knee poseability is encumbered slightly by the sculpt.
  • Some smaller or thinner accessories can be delicate.

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