Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles BST AXN Comic Book & Raphael and Leonardo Figures Review

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Editor's Review

If you’ve seen our other review on the Loyal Subject’s TMNT streetwear figures, you should know the figures are quality, but what about everything else? The boxes on these figures are striking, with a bold poster-like graphic portrait of each turtle on the front. The back of the box has comic-like graphic design blurbs on the character and accessories, and for you collectors out there, this box has an opening flap held in place by velcro, so you can admire the toy while keeping the box unopened. Although the accent color changes based on the turtle, the figures have the uniform red bandanas like the classic comic book versions for the characters. What is different is the skin tone of each turtle. Raph’s skin has a mid-value green, Leo has a lighter, yellow-green tone, and Donny is a distinct chartreuse hue.

The articulation on each figure is robust, allowing you near unhindered range of movement, aside from the encumbrance of the joint pads and front shell. Each turtle has an excellent, clean sculpt, and comes with their signature weapon plus holster, 4 alternate hands, an alternate head, and a varying accessory depending on what turtle you have. Leo includes a manhole cover, Donny has a nice pizza slice, and Raph has a kunai and shuriken. Last but certainly not least, the included comics are thick, and include multiple stories centered around the turtle they come with. The stories span from their Mirage origins, to IDW and beyond.


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Fans of every iteration of TMNT should consider picking these up. These figures are somewhat of an amalgam of multiple eras in one figure. Couple that with the great collector boxes and comic, what’s not to like?


  • The boxes are excellently engineered for collectors, and they are graphically pleasing to admire.
  • The figures are high quality and come with plenty of accessories.
  • Also, you get not only a comic issue, but a big honkin’ 100-pager, spanning multiple stories.


There is slightly compromised articulation due to the sculpt in some areas, namely, the knees and elbows.

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