Tecti Kinetic Building System Review

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Editor's Review

At first blush, Tecti seem as simple as can be! This set comes with 44 standard Tecti plates, 40 hinged plates, and 6 keystone plates. The Keystone plates are a vibrant yellow-orange, while the rest are an appealing electric blue. Connect any tiles together perpendicularly, corner to corner. Uh oh, made a closed cube? No worries, use the included wooden dowel to easily unclick them from one another. The real fun comes in when you start messing around with the hinged tiles. Using these, you can create kinetic, shifting structures, which are only limited by your imagination. Honestly there’s no real wrong way to build with Tecti, whether you have a concrete plan, or are simply feeling it out.

If you have a moving structure but want it to ‘chill out’ a bit, use the keystone cube to impede its movement. Be careful, depending on what direction you hold the structure, the keystone might fall out. The instructions offer several different structures to create, planting the seeds of creativity as you build. They differentiate the plates and hinges with a pink color, but now we just want actual pink Tecti tiles! Maybe for an expansion set at some point…


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Should I get it?

Tecti stand out as a fresh and unique construction toy in the market. The hinged tiles, kinetic movement and easy means of building and teardown all coalesce onto a super fun experience. We highly recommend you give them a try!


  • They’re easy to handle, and a lot of fun to explore via planned or unplanned play.
  • You can build intricate, kinetic structures.
  • The instructions give you plenty of suggestions with places to start. 


  • The keystone cube can slide out when handling your structure, if you’re not careful.

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