Tech Deck Shredline 360 Review

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Editor's Review

The Shredline 360 playset comes disassembled, but construction is extremely simple. You will need to provide 4 AA batteries of your own, as they are not included. Assemble the edges to make a circular track, then connect it to the spinning base. There are a couple of sticker sheets with some great tag art that you can use to decorate your park. Once you’re done decorating, it’s time to hone your skills!

The playset comes with a skateboard, so no worries if you’re a newcomer to Tech Deck. Flip the switch to either clockwise, or counter clockwise mode, and then, skate! With this playset you’re not constrained by distance or area, since you’ll never run into a wall or dead end! The circular track includes a raised platform, a hill, a jumping ramp, and a curb so you can practice the fundamentals. If you have compatible park building parts (sold separately) use the orange connector pieces included with the Shredline 360 to add to the park and make your own custom obstacle course and raise the difficulty. Still too easy? Try changing the rotation direction and “git gud” with both hands, or increase the rotation speed. The idea for this playset is so brilliant, it makes you wonder why we haven’t always had it.

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This is the ultimate Tech Deck accessory. With a high level of customization, and an endless, rotating finger-skateboarding paradise, this couldn’t be more fun for Tech Deck enthusiasts.

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