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Editor's Review

Tap a Bell’O is for 2 to 9 players ages 5 and up. The object of the game is to notice matches and be the first to react correctly, thereby earning cards. Place the mushroom bell in the center of the table, then deal 10 cards to each player. The first player draws the first card in their face down pile and turns it right side up, then the next player, and the next. If it comes back to the first player, their next card goes on top of their existing one to start a pile. As soon as a match of either color, number or symbol occurs, clap your hands and tap that shroom bell! If you were the first to do so, you get all the card piles! Combine them with your facedown pile and start the round anew. You can also clap and ring if two Tap a Bell’O cards appear face up, but watch out for the very similar looking trick cards. If any player runs out of cards, the game ends and cards are counted. Whoever got the most cards wins! Make certain that there’s a match before you clap and ring, and be certain that you don’t go straight for the bell and forget the clap, because then you’ll be penalized.

This game has the potential to end fairly quickly, especially with a series of unlucky rounds for one particular player, but on subsequent games, the winner can decide a new action that must be performed in lieu of a clap. Remember, the action must be performed before ringing the bell, so get creative and get silly!

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Tap a Bell’O is a fun game for young children to train their observation skills and reflexes. It’s a bit easy for anyone older, but if you have young kids, we recommend checking it out.


  •  It’s got very simple rules that are quick to pick up.
  • There is room to create your own fun with repeat games. 


  • It might be a bit too easy for older participants, necessitating some in- game handicaps.

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