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Editor's Review

Tabletop Kan Jam is nearly identical to the original full size Kan Jam in ruleset, but there are a couple subtle differences in terms of what you get. Inside a set, you get 2 goals, a small Kan Jam Flying Disc, a mesh carrying bag, and two table mats. The table mats are used to stabilize the goals, and make sure they don’t fall down or slide too much due to their smaller stature. 


Kan Jam is played with 2 teams of 2, who alternate as Throwers and Deflectors. Both players can move left and right, so long as they remain behind their goal the entire game. A Thrower tosses the disc with the intent to hit the goal in one of a few different ways, each with varying point values. All 4 players take turns throwing back and forth, with their partner becoming their Deflector. The first team to score exactly 21 points wins! If you go over 21, that’s no good! Tabletop Kan Jam is a pretty good time, but the miniature size is both a  blessing and a curse. You can play Kan Jam in even more places, but it’s exclusively in said places, since you’ll need to find a table or elevated platform in order to play. Classic Kan Jam is a game defined by dynamic movement and quick reflexes. Due in part to the size and environmental limitations, You’re slightly less free in terms of movement and stance. I suppose between Tabletop and classic, you just pick the right tool for the right job.

Kan Jam Tabletop

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Should I get it?

If you enjoy Kan Jam Classic, you’ll enjoy Tabletop Kan Jam. It’s a nice alternative to use on a rainy day, or in spaces too small for classic Kan Jam.


  • It’s more portable than ever thanks to its size and mesh storage bag.
  • It’s just as easy to learn as standard Kan Jam.
  • It comes with anti-sliding mats.
  • It’s Kan Jam at it’s core, so of course it’s good!


  • The size is such that you are limited in where you can feasibly play.
  • It’s also probably not a good idea to play where things can get broken, further limiting play locations.

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