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Editor's Review

Whether it’s playtime or naptime at home or on the go, you can do it all with the Swift Play Yard. This 3-in-1 travel play yard can be used as a newborn bassinet, a toddler sleep space, and sturdy play yard.

The Swift comes with a mattress that unzips into two mattresses. That’s because for the bassinet feature, your newborn doesn’t need a giant mattress. Unzipping the larger mattress and only using one half of it in the bassinet gives your baby a cozier experience.

As your baby grows, remove the bassinet, zip the two mattress halves back together, and attach the full mattress on the bottom of the play yard. Now you can use it as space for a child to nap or play.

And, of course, the play yard folds up for easy storage and transportation. Remove the bassinet, if installed, and mattress, and pull up on the play yard’s center cord to fold up the sides. You can wrap the mattress around the folded play yard and insert both into the travel bag. When you’re ready to unfold it and use it again, pull out the sides and push down on the center cord until you hear a click.

Swift Play Yard

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I used a play yard with a bassinet when my daughter was a baby, and I liked its dual functionality. What’s great about the Swift is its simplicity. It doesn’t double as a changing station or have diaper and wipes storage. While those are great things and some parents may prefer to have those accessories on their play yard, I can tell you from personal experience that those things aren’t really necessities. This play yard makes things easy by giving your kid a place to sleep and a place to play, and transitioning nicely between the different modes. Plus, its modern design and color scheme fit well into your home’s decor. You won’t mind keeping this out in your living room.

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