Super Mario Let’s Go, Yoshi! Interactive Figure Review

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Editor's Review

Let’s Go Yoshi is just about a foot tall, so he has a presence. Yoshi doesn’t have any paint on him besides his irises, and one of his spikes, but on this toy that’s actually advantageous. Less paint equals less paint chipping, which is good, because this toy is very hands on. In proportion and color, Let’s Go Yoshi is a flawless rendition of the famous denizen of Dinosaur Island. Yoshi is articulated with joints at the elbows and knees, a ratchet joint at each shoulder, and a swivel at the head, hands and feet. There’s more room for movement, but it is restricted for a very specific feature which we’ll touch on in a moment.

Let’s Go Yoshi requires 2 AA batteries, but thankfully, they are included! Yoshi has a switch on the back of his head; just switch it on to start the magic. Let’s Go Yoshi has interactive touch points to press that cause him to make different sounds. Press on Yoshi’s shoe to cycle through the satisfying enemy stomping sound , as well as Yoshi’s flutter jump noise, and a triumphant chitter. Pet Yoshi’s snout to hear a broad spectrum of sounds, from him saying his name, to attack noises like the ground pound, to generally joyful noises. Swing his arms back to have Yoshi lean forward and make his famous tongue-extending sound effect. Let go and Yoshi will spring back upright on his own. Finding a way to give us greater leg posing options while keeping this feature would have been nice, but this is a cool feature nonetheless. Press on Yoshi’s saddle to hear him say his name. Lastly, press on his spike to cycle through several tunes from the Yoshi games. These songs will continue playing even after you engage the other sound features, making for a more immersive pretend play experience.

Super Mario Let's Go, Yoshi! Interactive Figure

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This Yoshi toy is the best one yet for pretend play and interactivity. Definitely pick one up for a young Super Mario or Yoshi fan.


  • The looks are flawless, this is a perfect rendition of Yoshi’s modern design.
  • There is a decent amount of poseability.
  • It has 5 different interactive points with over 20 unique sounds.
  • The ability to overlap sounds with music adds even greater immersive play potential.
  • Batteries are included!


  • Leg movement is sacrificed for the chomping gimmick, and there’s no way to leave him posed in chomping mode. Depending on your outlook, this may be a pro, as it does fortify Yoshi’s stability while standing.

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