Style4Ever Tie-Dye Spin & Stamp Studio Review

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Editor's Review

Create cool tie-dye looks on shirts, tote bags, scrunchies, bandanas, and more with the Style4Ever Tie-Dye Spin & Stamp Studio. This tie-dye kit takes the creative fashion play one step further by letting kids use fabric ink and stamps to decorate the tie-dyed creations. There are enough tools to make up to 20 projects.

First, you need to gather all the 100-percent cotton fabric that you want to dye. Once the dye is mixed, it’s only good for an hour, so you’ll want to have more than one item to tie-dye to get the most use out of it. One bottle of dye can color up to three T-shirts, for instance. You’ll also need to prep all the fabric by washing it in the washing machine.

Then, the fabric gets soaked in warm water inside the kit’s bowl. Wring out excess water. Now you can use the rubber bands to tie and bind your fabric. The technique cards show different ways of rolling the fabric and applying the rubber bands to achieve specific tie-dye designs.

Mix the dye by adding water to the bottles of dye powder and shake. Place the fabric over the rack and apply the dye colors of your choice. Your dyed fabric needs to rest in a sealed plastic bag or plastic wrap for six to 12 hours before rinsing in cold water. The kit’s spinner helps squeeze out excess water. Then your fabric needs to air dry.

Once fully dry, use one of the four stamps to stamp extra designs (peace sign, palm tree, turtle, leaf) onto your fabric.

Style4Ever Tie-Dye Spin & Stamp Studio

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Tie-dying with this kit was easy to do, especially when you follow the technique cards to try and achieve a specific design. With all the different colors available and the ability to make up to 20 projects, this would make a really fun playdate or slumber party activity for multiple kids.

We like the idea of stamping designs onto the shirt because that’s not something we’ve seen before from a tie-dye kit, however, it was hard to get the stamped images to show up. The fabric ink was not as vibrant on our T-shirt as what is shown in the instructions.

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