Strawberry Grow Kit, Sensitive Plant Grow Kit, and My First Garden Marigold & Tomato Review

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Editor's Review

Inspire kids to learn about gardening with three new “grow kits” that come with everything you need to grow flowers and fruits. All you need to provide is sunlight and water. 

All of these are complete kits that come with seeds, pots, a growing medium, and instructions. The Strawberry Grow Kit and Sensitive Plant Grow Kit come in mini galvanized basins, while the My First Garden kit comes in a larger basin. The growing directions for each one is pretty similar. Dissolve the growing medium pellet in water, fluff with a fork, and place into the basin. Place the seeds onto the surface of the growing medium and gently press in. Then, place the basin in a warm, bright location, and make sure the growing medium stays moist but not overwatered. The strawberry seeds will germinate in 14-30 days, while it takes seven to 21 days for the sensitive plant seeds to germinate. For the marigolds and tomatoes, it will be between seven to 14 days. 

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While it does say that these are “guaranteed to grow”, there are several factors that go into whether or not your plants will grow. Are you giving them enough water? Are you giving them too much water? Are they getting enough warmth and sunlight? While these kits make it easy to start the process, results will vary just because that’s the fickle nature of gardening. This may be frustrating, but it’s also a good lesson for kids to learn.


Come with the seeds, soil, and growing space
Easy for beginners to start


Seeds might not grow

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