Stranger Things Upside Down Capsule Collection and Demogorgon Autopsy Edition Plush Review

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Editor's Review

Starting with the Demogorgon Plush, it comes in a very clean windowed package, with a side cut to make sure you can see the innermost detail. Cracking it open, the plush has a nylon feel, and is packed with tons of detail. The Demogorgon’s right half is the familiar version, in the flesh, while the left half is mid-dissection. Detail of innards and sinew is all over it. Plus, the plush has the all-too-familiar blooming flower-like maw. The bottoms of the feet have flat discs sewn inside, so with a bit of finagling, the Demogorgon can stand on its own! A very appreciated feature for a collectible plush such as this.

Now for the Upside Down Capsules. These fun unboxing toys come in a very enticing CRT TV capsule, the molded detail of which is nothing to slouch at. Crack it open and you’ll find a miniature figure for one of 11 characters across all 4 seasons, and a whole mess of different cards! You get 1 character card, 3 scene trading cards, a sticker reveal card, TV display card, and 2 clue cards with small activities on each. The trading cards have a vintage pulpy feel, further adding to the nostalgic charm of the set. Careful though, as they feel very delicate. Peel back the sticker card to reveal some original, never-before-seen artwork. Lastly, you can take the TV display card, slide it into the screen and display your figure in either TV mode or Upside Down mode. Upside down mode includes a foot peg for added figure stability. Speaking of, the figures are very nicely detailed in sculpt and paint. Each one is a cute caricature of their on-screen counterpart. In terms of an unboxing toy, there’s a lot to love about the Stranger Things Upside Down Capsule Collection. If you’re fortunate, you may even find the super rare Demogorgon Variant Figure; best of luck!

Stranger Things Upside Down Capsule Collection and Demogorgon Autopsy Edition Plush

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Yes on both counts! The Demogorgon Plush is delightfully gnarly, and stands well on its own. And given how much content you get in each Upside Down Capsule, the fun factor is guaranteed!

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