Stick-O Building Sets Review

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Editor's Review

Four sets here so lets start with the Stick-O Construction Set. It includes 26 different pieces like; Spheres, Sticks, Half Sphere, a Cone, and 15 magnetic accessories including construction wheels, wings, crane arms, and more. A booklet is also included to help children create fun shapes with their Stick-O’s.

If your child is into anything doing with construction then the Stick-O Basic 30 Set might be the one for them! 30 different sized pieces and magnetic accessories are included here so kids will be able to build tons of fun models and get creative with their own designs.

Next, we have the Stick-O Role Play Set. Here you’ll get 26 pieces with all different shapes that will allow kids to build all sorts of fun items like an air balloon or palm tree. There are more designs included in the booklet.

Any fishing fans? Well, the Stick-O Fishing Set would be just perfect! 26 different shaped pieces just like the other ones with fun magnetic accessories. Build a crab or fish! More building ideas are included in the booklet.

Stick-O Building Sets

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It’s a STEM toy which is ideal. Perfect for brain development, can help with developing color and shape recognition. You can play with all the sets together to build even more.

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