STEAM Space Science Kit Review

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Editor's Review

Create your own solar system and learn about our own with the Crayola STEAM Space Science Kit. This guides kids through 20 activities that introduce planets, stars, moons, and more. The first activities are all about painting the foam half balls to become the planets of our solar system. The only planet that doesn’t get painted is Earth. There’s a sticker for that one. Read the fun facts about each planet as you wait for them to dry. From there, you use double-sided tape to stick the foam balls to the poster. Then you can get into activities that are more like science experiments, such as making a lunar or solar eclipse, making sun spots, and creating craters.

STEAM Space Science Kit

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We like that this kit merges some arts and crafts play with science learning. Kids can get creative to paint the planets however they want, and then have fun using their painted solar system to learn about space. This would be a fun activity to supplement science learning in school.

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