Star Wars The Mandalorian Wild Ridin’ Grogu Review

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Editor's Review

Want to go for a ride with Baby Yoda? Hop aboard with Wild Ridin’ Grogu. This animatronic toy has two ways to play with more than 25 sound and movement combinations. 

Grogu comes in his pram, and when you hold the base and move it around, you’ll activate pram sound effects. Grogu will also move and make sounds. You can also pose his arms and hands.

Or you can take Grogu out of the pram and tap his head once, twice, or three times for different reactions. You can also turn him upside down or lay him flat for more.

Two AAA batteries are required but not included.

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Should I get it?

This is really cute and will definitely inspire a lot of imaginative play among kid fans. We like the movements and baby noises that Grogu makes. Kids will like that they can play with Grogu both inside and outside of the pram, and if you’re an older fan, the pram gives you a nice way to keep Grogu on display.


25 sounds and movements
2 ways to play
Imaginative play


Batteries are not included

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