Star Wars The Book of Boba Fett Voice Cloner Boba Fett Plush Review

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Editor's Review

Something that’s refreshing to see is that batteries are included with this toy! That’s right, no need to open up the back velcro and unscrew the battery pack just yet. You can play with the toy right out of the box. Speaking of, right out of the box, this Boba plush is equal parts charming and cool. The oversized, flared out limbs give off a very tough vibe, but, c’mon, he’s still adorable. The head and jetpack are made of plastic, and the body is a nice, velvety, textured plush material. The entire thing is nicely detailed, with clean paint applications on the plastic, and precise printing on the plush body. The body has sturdy stitching in the seamlines, but is soft enough to absorb impacts well, offering the perfect combination of solidity, and shock absorption. The backpack is made of a softer plastic, and is hollow to accommodate the missile launching feature, which, to be honest, seems a bit like an afterthought, at least in the execution. The missile doesn’t fly very far, even when you really squeeze hard and fast. That’s okay though, because the main feature is stellar! Hold Boba’s hand and say something to him. Once you let go, he’ll repeat what you say, but with a gruff Mandalorian helmet distortion. People who love voice-repeater toys will enjoy this feature on its own. But packed into a lovely little package like this plush, you have a winning combination, and a great gift for any fan of the character.

Star Wars The Book of Boba Fett Voice Cloner Boba Fett Plush

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Very fun! This plush not only looks great, but has a cool voice changing feature that is equal parts entertaining and humorous in the right context.

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