Star Wars The Black Series The Mandalorian Electronic Helmet Review

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Editor's Review

Gear up to battle the Star Wars bad guys in the Star Wars The Black Series The Mandalorian Electronic Helmet. While you might not have beskar armor, you can still hide your face behind this shiny silver T-visored mask. Padding on the inside provides comfort, and you can adjust the headpiece. On the right side, there’s a removable tactical light and a button on the bottom inside of the helmet that turns the light on and off. And any time you tip the helmet upside down, interior red lights will glow. If you do remove the tactical light, an extra side piece is included to replace it.

Star Wars The Black Series The Mandalorian Electronic Helmet

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This is going to be perfect for teen and adult Star Wars fans who either want to dress up for some cosplay or have a cool replica helmet for display. It’s got premium deco, realistic detail, and a screen-inspired design.

The instructions make it seem like there are different light effects, but all that happened when we pressed the button was a white light turning on or off. Apparently if you press and hold the button, you enter “display mode”, but when we did that, the white light just turned on like normal. When we pressed and held it again, the light did fade out as opposed to turning right off.

A light is cool, but it would be really cool if the “electronic” in the product name meant character phrases or sound effects with the push of a button. Fans might be slightly disappointed in that.

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