Star Wars Mission Fleet Razor Crest Review

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Editor's Review

Some minor assembly is required out of the box, with canons to attach, and a roof to plug in. After that’s done though, this Razor Crest toy is the spitting image of the on-screen counterpart, with only minor differences in proportion if you scrutinize. The surface is covered with panel lines, giving it that unmistakable classic Star Wars aesthetic. There is just enough paint to be satisfying, with scorched thrusters, red buttons, burgundy pilot seats, hull gaps, and yellow weathered paint stripes. Also, there is crystal clear plastic in the cockpit hatch. Accessories-wise, the Razor Crest comes with stylized figures of Din and Grogu, plus a ton of blasters that all fit into Din’s hands. You can also equip him with either his cloak, or a Mandalorian jetpack.

In terms of features, this ship has it all! The cockpit opens to reveal two seats, one for each figure. There is a top-mounted dual canon which can be placed in any hardpoint on top of the ship. This, along with the side canons, can fire missiles with the press of a button. Keep the missiles loaded in the canons to further break up the silver of the ship, or if you prefer, open up one of the three cargo hatches and keep them inside the ship. The inside of the cargo bay is awesome, with printed detail recognizable from the show, and a weapon rack to keep all of Din’s blasters. If you want even more access to the cargo hold, it’s a simple matter to remove the roof of the ship. If you have the separately sold Mandalorian Mission Fleet Speeder Bike, you can store the bike inside the cargo hold as well. This is an ideal toy for both pretend play, or displaying on your shelf!

Mission Fleet Razor Crest

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So fun! This toy is pure, analog Star Wars toy perfection. If you have a kiddo who loves the Mandalorian, you’ve gotta pick this up!

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