Star Wars Hot Wheels Starships Select Tie Fighter, X-Wing Fighter (Red Five) and More Review

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Editor's Review

The Hot Wheels Starships Select line consists of miniature ships approximately 3 and a half inches long at their widest points. The ones we have today are the X-Wing, Tie Fighter, Razor Crest and Bob Fett’s Starship. These ships are made from a combination of die cast metal, plastic, and a rubbery thermoplastic in some areas to avoid injury to the toy and the owner. Thanks to the die cast metal, they have a satisfying weight to them. Each ship has an excellent sculpt, with tons of panel lines to house the paint wash Mattel has applied. This gives them the telltale weathering the original trilogy of films is known for. A stand is included, which is not only emblazoned with a specific insignia, but connects via a ball joint, so you can display the ship at whatever angle you wish.

On the X-Wing, you can fold the S-Foils into either speed or attack positions, and on Boba’s Starship, the wings can rotate into landing or flight positions, and the turrets rotate. The Razor Crest and Tie Fighter sadly do not have a play feature like this, but we feel their paint jobs are a bit nicer looking, so it’s kind of a tradeoff. This is most likely coincidental, but it’s just a thought we had.

Star Wars Select 780 x 780

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Should I get it?

Star Wars Hot Wheels Starships Select series are not only an affordable collector’s option that look great,  they take up very little space. Pick some up to liven up your work desk or shelf!


  • The sculpts are great,.
  • A couple have small play features.
  • They have satisfying weight.
  • Each comes with a display base included. 


  • Some of them lack moving parts.
  • The paint jobs range from “great” to just “good”.

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