Star Wars Galactic Pals Wookie, Ewok, Jawa, and Rodian Plush Review

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Editor's Review

First off, be careful when you remove the packaging! Inside, you get a little identification card, which lets you name your Galactic Pal and select their personality traits.

The Galactic Pals series are a nice combination of doll and plush. Each one is about a foot in height, and has a soft body with a molded, firm, rubbery plastic head. The plush bodies are suuuper soft! The Ewok and Wookie have extremely soft fur, and felt hands and feet, the Rodian’s clothes are an even softer felt texture, and the Jawa has a robe that feels like a chamois cloth. Each of the head sculpts are very well detailed, with fur bumps, wrinkles, and more. Even the Jawa’s head wrappings have a bandage-like texture. While each Galactic Pall has big glossy eyes, the Ewok and Wookie’s pupils look like they follow you wherever you turn, which is a super cool touch. Each Galactic Pal also includes a carrying bag, which cradles them snugly, and has a decently sized carrying strap.

Star Wars Galactic Pals 780 x 780

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Should I get it?

If you know a young Star Wars fan in need of a new pal, this is the perfect gift!


  • Each one is highly detailed in the face sculpt.
  • The bodies are notably soft to the touch.
  • Each comes with a carrying bag, as well as a personality card.
  • They feel well made and sturdy.


  • The Jawas eyes are a little plain in comparison to the rest.
  • The Jawa and Rodian lack the pupil “following” feature.

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