StairSlide Indoor Playset Review

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Editor's Review

If it’s too hot or too rainy to go outside to the playground, bring one of the playground favorites inside with StairSlide. StairSlide is an alternative to kids sliding down the stairs in a laundry basket or on cardboard. Each durable and lightweight slide grabs onto the steps with rubber grips. This prevents it from moving when in use without the need to permanently install something on your staircase. You can also set it up on just one side of the stairs, allowing people to easily walk up and down the other half. There are two ways to set up StairSlide, depending on the age of the child and if you want a low impact or high adventure experience. Just make sure that in either mode you have something soft to land on at the bottom.

A single StairSlide fits over the bottom three steps, but you can add more StairSlides depending on how long your stairs are. You can purchase anywhere from a single-pack StairSlide to a 10-pack! Each piece interlocks perfectly along your staircase and nests together for easy storage.

StairSlide Indoor Playset

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StairSlide is easy to set up, works on most stairs, and stores pretty compactly. Most importantly, it will be a lot of fun for kids. Adults may even want to take a spin down the slide!

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