SqwishLand Bulk Box Review

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Editor's Review

The New Series 6 Bulk Box is better then ever before. Each Bulk Box contains a random mix of 250 one inch SqwishLand capsules! You don’t  only get 250 capsules but select capsules also contains a game code to redeem for Sqwash and other great prizes at SqwishLand.com or The SqwishLand Connect App! Each box is  also guaranteed to have multiple  SqwishLanders from various regions as well as rares. Additionally kids also get fun activities printed right on the box!

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These are great for kids ages 3 and up!


  • You get a variation of 250 Squishlanders
  • A game code is included for additional fun
  • These are fun collectibles with more always being added
  • They can be pencil toppers, added to goodie bags or even used as prizes and
  • These can be taken anywhere


There are none!

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