Squishville by Squishmallows Mystery Mini Plush and Fifi’s Cottage Review

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Editor's Review

First one up is the Squishville Mini Squishmallow Fantasy Squad! It’s a 4-Pack Assortment featuring your favorite Squishmallows in a mini 2-inch size. When you get the package, two of the Squishmallow’s are visible and then there are two mystery Fantasy Squad Mini-Squishmallows which you have to unbox!

If you’re more of a Sea Life fan then the Squishmallow Mini Plush Sealife Squad might be perfect for you! This adorably squishy 6-pack assortment features your favorite Squishmallows plush characters in a mini 2-inch size. You can see four of the characters when purchasing the box and two that are hidden for unboxing fun. Bring the Sealife squad to your Squishville plush world collection with 6 adorable Sealife Squad Mini-Squishmallows plush characters.

Okay, so not hooked on the squish, we’ve got the coolest Squishmallow toy yet! Squish into one of the Squishville plush world’s coziest abodes, Fifi’s Cottage! This Amazon Exclusive item features 2 of your favorite Squishmallows plush, Blair the cat and Fifi the red fox, in a mini 2-inch size. This grand-sized three-story cottage is perfect for building out this exciting new world. The plush Squishville toy world is made with super-soft filling, making it the coziest place on earth. Squish and squeeze Blair and Fifi into the couch, toilet, the chimney, and more. There are 5 fun rooms to squeeze into and 4 squishy accessories to play with.

Squishville by Squishmallows Mystery Mini Plush and Fifi’s Cottage

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These are fun for collecting. They all still have the same Squishmallow feel and it’s great for traveling.

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