Squishmallows Prehistoric Squad Plush Review

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Editor's Review

Collect all-new Squishmallows to squish and hug. The new characters for fall 2022 are part of the Prehistoric Squad, so you’ll find everything from different dinosaurs to a sabre-toothed Tiger and wooly mammoth. Whether they are a land animal or sea creature, these eight-inch plush characters are super cute and super soft. And you can read more about each one on its included hangtag. We just wish the hangtags also told us what type of animal each character is because it’s not always obvious from just looking.

In this collection, you’ll find Nessie, a Loch Ness Monster; Chienda, a wooly mammoth; Cherie, the sabre-toothed tiger; Lyan, a brown triceratops; Veronica the octopus; Fletcher, a pterodactyl, and Marisa and Poleena, who are both some type of dinosaur, we think.

Squishmallows Prehistoric Squad Plush

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As with all Squishmallows, these new characters will be super fun to hug. They are so soft, so cute, and so cuddly. They make a great addition to a Squishmallows collection. We also like the variety of animal types, ensuring that there is something for every stuffed animal lover.


  • 8 new characters to collect
  • Super soft and cuddly
  • Different animal types
  • Fun to hug


  • None

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