Squishmallows Cloud Slimes Review

Editor's Rating


Editor's Review

If you love squishing Squishmallows, just wait until you squish Squishmallow slime. This Premium Cloud Slime comes in different colors and scents, including Blue Raspberry, Coconut, Cotton Candy, and Chocolate. Remove the lid to discover a rubber Squishmallows charm and a bag of glitter to mix into the slime. The slime is soft and stretchy and smells good, too. (Cotton Candy and Chocolate were definitely our favorites.)

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These slimes are going to be so much fun for Squishmallows fans to collect. Just like kids love collecting all the plush, they’ll also want to collect all the rubber charms inside these slimes. All of these are nicely scented and will offer fun tactile play.


4 scents
Collectible charms
Glitter mix-ins
Tactile slime play



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