Squishmallows 100 Millionth 16″ Metallic Gold Hans Review

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Editor's Review

To celebrate one hundred million Squishmallows sold, Jazwares is introducing a Select Series of Squishmallows. There will be three versions of Golden Hans: a 16-inch Gold Detail Hans, a 16-inch Metallic Gold Hans, and a 24-inch Metallic Gold Hans.

Hans is a brown hedgehog, and in this version he’s wearing a top hat and a bowtie. Gold Detail Hans has some gold accents around the hat, while the Metallic Gold Hans is gold all over.

The two 16-inch plush will be available to purchase at select retailers and the Squishmallows website, however, the larger version is only available via the #GetGoldenHans giveaway or auction. Only 30 of those will be produced for the winners.

While the 16-inch Golden Hans Squishmallows are more readily available, they are still very limited-edition, with only 10,000 of Gold Detail Hans and 3,000 of Metallic Gold Hans being produced. So if you want to add this super soft stuffed animal to your Squishmallows collection, don’t wait!

Squishmallows 100 Millionth 16″ Metallic Gold Hans

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This is a fun way to celebrate a Squishmallows milestone. Fans of all ages will want to add Hans to their collections, and he’ll be so much fun to squish and hug.

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