Squinkies Originals Cupcake Surprize! Bake Shop and Collector 12 Pack Review

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Editor's Review

What’s old is new again! Welcome the return of Squinkies, the squishy micro collectibles that first took the toy world by storm in 2010. Today’s kids can unbox the original unboxing toy with new Squinkies Originals playsets and collector packs.

The Collector 12 Pack gives you 12 Squinkies to collect. You’ll be able to see eight of them in package, but four Squinkies come in pink plastic capsules for a surprise unboxing. There are 72 Squinkies to collect in Wave 1, and this collector pack is a great way to get a collection started. 

The Cupcake Surprize! Bake Shop looks like a cupcake and opens to reveal play space for the six included Squinkies. (They aren’t blind packaged.) You also get accessories, such as a bed, two chairs, and a table, to inspire even more play with the Squinkies. The Bake Shop also doubles as a vending machine for the Squinkies plastic capsules. Two pretend coins are included to insert into the slot. Then you turn the dial and a Squinkies capsule will drop through the cupcake’s swinging door. (You can also use pennies or dimes if you lose the coins.) The vending machine feature also lets you store your Squinkies inside when playtime is over.

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These are fun to squish and play with, and you can even use them as pencil or pen toppers. Kids will like the unboxing aspect of the Collector 12 Pack and playing out all sorts of imaginative stories with the Bake Shop. 


Surprise unboxing
72 to collect
Collector Pack comes with 12 Squinkies
Bake Shop comes with 6 Squinkies
Bake Shop has vending machine feature



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