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Editor's Review

Balloon dogs are fun, but how about balloon puppies, bunnies, and monkeys? Take the fun of Squeakee down in size, and you’ve got the cute new Squeakee Minis, featuring Billo the monkey, Poppy the bunny, and Heelie the puppy. 

All three of these cute plastic balloon creatures have the same features. They’ll repeat what you say in a helium voice. And if you blow on the creatures, you’ll hear them inflate and eventually pop.

Activate the “talk back” feature by pressing and holding the nose, saying your message (up to 4 seconds long), and then letting go to hear the Mini repeat your message. Press the nose button once to hear the message repeated again. 

Blow on the Squeakee Mini to hear it inflate. If you inflate it three times, it pops. 

You can also pet your Squeakee Mini’s head to hear it make a squeaking sound.

They each have rubberized necks to allow for a little bit of flexibility during play and an almost bobblehead feel. 

Squeakee Minis

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While the original Squeakee was a lot of fun, electronic toy pets that kids can hold in their hands makes it easier to take the play on the go. And the interactive features with these smaller pets are very easy for kids to activate and offer all sorts of silly play.

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