Spy Ninjas Night Vision Mission Kit Review

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Editor's Review

The Night Vision Mission Kit comes in an enticing and detailed box, with the back showing you everything that comes in the kit. A neat little detail is the handle on top of the box, allowing you the dignity and prestige of carrying a spy briefcase. Inside, you’ll find the Night Mission Goggles, Removable Flashlight, Decoder Wheel, Gadget Utility Belt, Decoder Card, ID Card, Notebook, and 2 Spy Ninja Activity Books. The first thing you’ll want to do is try on the Night Mission Goggles. These things are so silly in the best way possible. They’re equipped with a swiveling magnifying lens, and a green LED to simulate night vision in the dark. Our reviewer was skeptical at first, but the LED really does approximate the feel of night vision goggles pretty well! If Green vision doesn’t cut the mustard, attach the optional flashlight to have another light source. And don’t worry, both light sources have included LR41 batteries!

The rest of the kit is for solving the Spy Activity books, which are full of mazes, a crossword, encrypted word puzzles, and more. You’ll need to work out the solutions by utilizing a combination of the decoder wheel, decoder card, and morse code key on the back of your Spy ID. None of the challengers are too difficult, considering you not only have all the tools you need, but also, the solutions are on the back of the books! We think that’s a bit too much of a giveaway. Having them online, or somewhere other than the book itself would be better, in our opinion. If you need a place to keep your Decoder Wheel, clip it onto your Utility Belt! This little activity kit is sure to entertain young spies, ninjas, or ideally spy ninjas for hours of fun. Even after the puzzles are solved, the props can be used for pretend play. After all, hackers never sleep!

Spy Ninjas Night Vision Mission Kit

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Yes! Role-playing as a Spy Ninja with your multi-purpose glasses and utility belt in a dim room is just as, if not more fun than solving the included puzzles.

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