Spy Ninjas Decoys & Diversions Mission Kit Review

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Editor's Review

Calling all Spy Ninjas! Chad and Vy are giving you a secret stealth mission to be played out with the Spy Ninjas Decoys & Diversions Mission Kit. Using the gadgets in the kit, you’ll learn about how to distract your opponent with decoys and diversions. 

Inside the carrying case, you’ll find a welcome card, two spy activity books, a decoder card, an ID card/Morse Code Key, two sticky ninja stars, a remote control decoy device, and a certificate of achievement.

With the remote control decoy device, which comes with three button cell batteries, you can play more than 12 sounds and phrases from the Decoy Disc hidden in another room. Turn on both the Decoy Disc and housing unit. The Decoy Disc slides off of the housing unit so you can hide it somewhere. Then turn the sound indicator dial on the housing unit to select a sound, and press the SN button to transmit the sound to the decoy disc. Sounds include feet walking, a cell phone ringtone, a buzzing fly, and a Spy Ninjas cheer, among others. The housing unit has a belt clip so you can carry it with you on any mission.

But there’s more fun when you open the activity books. Use the decoder card to find missing letters, reveal secret messages, and more. Some of the activities require the use of items that are not included in this kit. 

There are no instructions for how to use the sticky ninjas, but you basically just splat them against a wall. They might leave behind a residue, though.

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This kit will be fun for young Spy Ninjas fans. The carrying case has a cool look, with a side piece meant to look like the spine of a book so that no one knows where you’re keeping your secret spy tools. We like the variety of sounds on the Decoy Disc and think kids will have a lot of fun activating silly sounds to trick their parents and siblings. The activity books are fun, but if you don’t have the Decoder Wheel, you won’t be able to complete all of the activities.


Decoy device plays 12+ sounds
2 activity books to practice spy skills
Store tools in carrying case
Inspires imaginative roleplay


Not all tools included
Sticky ninja stars leave behind residue

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