Spy Ninjas Covert Communicators Review

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Editor's Review

These come with two communicators. It has a velcro strap which you’ll adjust around your wrist. There’s lots of fun included in this small communicator. It’ll keep imaginations engaged for a long time. It has a magnifying lens to find even the smallest clues and a removable compass, which both work best when removed from the Communicator. A signal mirror under the lens is also available. There are 4 Ninja Stars which can be stored in the firing slot and reserve slot. When you want to fire the stars, press the button. There’s a secret storage compartment where you’ll be able to carry small items like secret messages. The walkie-talkie button allows you to speak to one another up to 200 feet away, just make sure that you speak into the mic. 

Spy Ninjas Covert Communicators

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It has lots of fun activities. There are two walkie-talkie’s included and it’s a lot of fun allowing imaginations to go wild!

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