SprawlyWalls Starter Kit Review

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Editor's Review

If you’ve ever wanted to build your own dollhouse, now you can with the SprawlyWalls Starter Kit. This 66-piece set comes with walls, pivot poles, and Snap&Slide Clips that can be used with other construction toys, three-inch to 11-inch dolls and action figures, dry-erase markers, and reusable cling stickers. 

There are no instructions for what to build because SprawlyWalls is open-ended. Kids can use the pieces to design whatever they want. There is an “instructions” sheet, but it’s more of an explanation of what the pieces are and how you can incorporate them with items you already own. (It’s also a pretty funny read.)

Essentially, you’ll snap two Snap&Slide Clips to each wall side and then snap pivot poles to the clips. Kids can create walls, ceilings, and even car ramps using the pieces in this kit. It comes with 12 walls in three different colors, 18 pivot poles in two sizes, and 36 clips. Additional pieces  are sold separately.

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These pieces are easy to snap together, and there are many different ways for kids to build with just the pieces in this set or by combining them with other construction toys from home. We like that building with SprawlyWalls is open-ended. This gets kids thinking creatively and using problem-solving skills to figure out the best way to build their idea. It’s also not just for building dollhouses. Kids of both genders could use these pieces to build homes, castles, racetracks, and more.


66 pieces

Easy to snap together

Combine this with toys from home

Open-ended building

Creative thinking & using problem-solving skills



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