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Editor's Review

Just like its big brother, Spikeball Mini is a cross between four-square and volleyball. But this version of the active game fits on your table so you can play it anywhere. The game comes with a tabletop Spikeball base, a ball, an inflation pump, and instructions. The rules on the back of the box aren’t very clear. Having never played Spikeball before, we had to look up a video to watch how to play the original version. 

So essentially you have two teams of two players. Player 1 from Team 1 serves the ball, bouncing it off the platform so it ricochets up at Team 2. Team 2 Player 1 bounces the ball to his teammate, who then bounces the ball back onto the platform to Team 1. Then Team 1 Player 1 makes contact with the ball, bouncing it to Team 1 Player 2 who then bounces it back onto the platform at Team 2. And so on. Each team only gets three touches per turn. If one team misses, the other team scores a point, and the first team to 21 points wins.

The gameplay is kind of like volleyball’s bump, set, spike, and you can move 360 degrees around the game platform to get to the ball. The box says that you can allow for hits that bounce off the walls, however, steer clear of anything fragile during play.

You can also play the game just two-on-two to see how long you can keep a rally going. 

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It was a little frustrating to learn how to play, and there’s definitely a learning curve for the less athletically inclined. However, it is a fun challenge to bounce the ball and keep it in the air. This is a very active game that requires skill, strategy, and speed. As long as you have an indoor space that offers enough room for you to move around while playing and doesn’t contain anything breakable near the playing space, then you’ll be good to go.


Smaller version for indoor play
Active gameplay
Challenges skill and speed


Lack of gameplay instructions
Learning curve for beginners
Need indoor space free from obstructions

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