Spiderweb Bug-Catching Logic Game and Triazzle Brainteaser Puzzles Review

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Editor's Review

Put your problem-solving skills to the test with new puzzle games from ThinkFun. The Spiderweb Bug Catching Logic Game challenges players to capture bugs by correctly placing elastic bands to spin a web. And the Triazzle Brainteaser Puzzles are made up of 16 triangle pieces that only go back together one way.

In the Spiderweb Bug Catching Logic Game, players pretend to be a spider spinning its web and catching prey. Choose one of the 40 challenge cards, ranging in difficulty from beginner to expert, and place it on top of the game board. Then, stretch the elastic bands between the pegs on the game board to capture all the bugs shown on the card. You do this by crossing a web band over a bug. And if you cover every bug on your challenge card, then you win. The cards tell you what color bands you’ll need and how many to succeed. Then it’s up to you to place the bands appropriately, following the specific rules of each band color. There are solutions in the instruction booklet for any challenges that leave you stumped. The game can be played solo or with additional players, and it includes a game board, 10 rubber bands, 40 challenge cards, and instructions.

Triazzle Brainteaser Puzzles are picture-matching puzzles with thousands of combinations but only one solution. Whether butterflies, dolphins, or frogs, each puzzle is made up of 16 triangles that fit within the triangular puzzle frame. It may seem easy to place the puzzle pieces so that the pictures match, but these puzzles are harder than they look, offering an enticing challenge for puzzlers young and old. You’ll need to use strategic thinking, memory, and problem-solving skills to solve these puzzles.

Spiderweb Bug-Catching Logic Game and Triazzle Brainteaser Puzzles

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Both of these games get players using problem-solving skills to solve the puzzles. We like that both games can be played solo or with others. For the Spiderweb game, we like that it comes with 40 challenges and multiple difficulty levels. For the Triazzle puzzles, we like the bright and colorful puzzles images and the sturdiness of the pieces. These offer fun and challenging new puzzle experiences for kids and adults who like solving puzzles.


Pros (Spiderweb)
  • 40 challenges
  • Multiple levels of difficulty
  • Challenges problem-solving skills
Pros (Triazzle)
  • 3 different puzzle designs
  • Sturdiness of the pieces
  • New puzzle challenge


  • None

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