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Editor's Review

How fast can you think of words? Test your speed and vocabulary with Speedy Words Twist. In this game, you’ve got to think of a word that starts with a given letter and fits a given category. Flip over the top card from the deck to reveal three letters, each one a different color. A category symbol appears on the deck’s new top card. There are 10 categories: noisy, inside, fast, soft, outside, small, big, silent, slow, and hard. The first player to call out a word starting with the letter that matches the category color and fits the category theme wins the round and takes the card. For example, a letter “R” word that is “fast” could be “runner”. The winning player flips over the top card for another round, and the game continues until there is only one card left in the deck. The player who collected the most cards wins.

There’s also an Advanced version of the game where you use the opposite category of the shown symbol. 

You can play this game with two to six players ages 8 and up. The game includes 60 round cards, a double-sided categories card, and game rules. If you own the original Speedy Words game, you can add these cards to it. 

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This is an easy game to learn that will challenge players’ speed and vocabulary. We like that there are two ways to play, depending on what kind of a challenge you want. And a simple shuffle of the cards makes the game different each time you play.


2 ways to play

Tests your speed and vocabulary

Different each time you play



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