Speedy Doc Question Game Review

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Editor's Review

Speedy Doc proposes a topic. Each player has to find something that matches the topic. But be careful! Speedy Doc is unpredictable and likes to change the rules at any time.

To start lay the zeros out next to Speedy Doc and turn Doc on! You can start playing right out the box, don’t even need to read the rules because Speedy Doc takes care of everything. Have a look at the Tips section though to find out a few things he might not tell you.

Speedy Doc announces a topic- the player who goes first has to find something related to the topic. When you’ve got an answer, say it outloud and press down on Speedy Doc’s head. Then the next player, so on and so on. Speedy Doc will let you know when he’s had enough. When he shuts it down the player whose turn it was to answer but didn’t get to loses the round and has to take a zero. The game continues, the rules can change midway, anything can happen! Follow the instructions, answer as fast as possible and just be the player with the least zeros to win! When is the game over? Whenever that pesky Speedy Doc decides!

Speedy Doc Question Game

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2 to 10 players can play at once. It’s fast paced and there’s more than 500 themes to play with family or friends.

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