Spark Innovations Floor Games, Puzzle, and Flip Book Review

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Editor's Review

Spark learning about rhyming words, animals, shapes, colors, emotions, and more with new educational learning toys from The Spark Innovations.

Improve rhyming skills with the Spark Rhyme Puzzle. This includes 12 four-piece puzzle sets featuring different animal characters. You’ll match the thick and sturdy puzzle pieces of the bee, snake, bug, sheep, snail, bear, ape, bunny, seal, chick, raccoon, and fox by matching the words that rhyme. Each piece of the snake puzzle has a word that rhymes with “snake”. Each piece of the snail puzzle has a word that rhymes with “snail”. These puzzles are for ages 3 and up.

The Shapes and Colors Floor Game, for ages 2 and up, has many ways to play with the 25 jumbo cards and 25 smaller cards. Spread all the jumbo cards face-up on the ground for a Find It game, where kids must find the color, shape, or number shown on a small card. You can also turn the jumbo cards face-down for a memory matching game. Use any size card for sequencing and sorting, comparing and contrasting, and other fun activities listed on the instruction card. 

The ABC Animal Floor Game is played in a similar way with its 26 jumbo cards and 26 small cards. Along with Find It, Match It, and Sequence It, this game offers a different activity called Act It. Kids get to select an animal card and act out that animal through noises or movement while other players try to guess the correct animal. This game is also for ages 2 and up.

The Emotions and Feelings Flipbook helps kids ages 3 and up explore and discuss emotions and feelings. It comes with a dry-erase marker so that kids can write and draw on the more than 60 pages in the book. Wipe away with a tissue or cloth, not included, when you’re done. The last page of the book has speech bubble stickers so kids can write what the characters in the book’s picture scenes are thinking or saying. You can use the book flat or pop it up on its built-in easel.

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All four of these educational toys make learning fun. We like that the floor games offer multiple activities with the game pieces. We also like that the puzzle comes with 12 different puzzles, plus bonus activities to help kids practice rhyming. And the dry-erase quality of the flipbook’s pages makes this activity reusable, and lets kids get creative to tell different stories and draw different pictures each time. The flipbook would also be a good on-the-go activity.


Multiple activities

Sturdy and durable pieces

4 toys to choose from

Make learning fun


No built-in storage for the easel’s Dry-Erase marker

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