Space Jam: A New Legacy Connect 4 Shots and Monopoly Review

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Editor's Review

If you liked the on-screen b-ball action of Space Jam: A New Legacy, then you’ll like the different ways Hasbro has incorporated the movie into two of its classic games: Connect 4 and Monopoly.

Connect 4 Shots takes a basketball approach to the classic game of four in a row. Instead of dropping discs into the game grid, you launch them. And they’re actually not discs; they’re basketballs. One player is the Tune Squad and takes the blue balls, and the other player is the Goon Squad and takes the purple balls. At the count of three, both players start launching their balls at the same time. If a ball falls onto the table or floor, pick it up and launch again. Once a ball is in the grid or the ramp, no one can touch it. Once you have two balls sitting in the grid, you can grab your metallic multiplier ball and shoot it. That counts as two balls, so if it connects to two other balls, then it counts as four in a row. Keep playing until one player gets four in a row or you both run out of balls. In that case, it’s time for a tiebreaker with the silver ball. The first player to launch the ball into an open space in the grid wins. The launchers snap onto the base for easy storage when the game ends.

Take three shots every time you pass Go in the Space Jam: A New Legacy version of Monopoly. That’s not the only thing different. Money represents points, and you win the game by earning the most points. To get points, you must recruit Looney Tunes characters, buy locations on Marvin the Martian’s Flying Saucer, and take shots at the basket. Other players don’t pay you rent; they give you bonus points. And you can add Stamina and Speed upgrades to your characters for even more points. There’s space in the middle of the gameboard for the basketball hoop and launcher, along with Hoop and Power Up cards. And you get to play as characters from the movie, including LeBron James, Lola Bunny, and AI-G Rhythm (aka actor Don Cheadle). Basically the rest of the game plays in a similar fashion to traditional Monopoly. Roll the dice, move your character, and follow the rules for whatever board space you landed on, such as paying to recruit characters, taking a Hoop or Power Up card, or rolling the dice to determine bonus points. The gameboard is filled with familiar Looney Tunes characters, plus familiar Monopoly spaces, such as Go to Jail and Free Parking.

Space Jam: A New Legacy Connect 4 Shots and Monopoly

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Connect 4 Shots definitely requires more skill than a regular game of Connect 4, so expect a learning curve to get started. Balls will be flying everywhere. But that’s going to appeal to basketball fans who want to put their skills to the test and pretend like they’re LeBron James. Fans of the movie and Connect 4 will like the combination of both.

The Space Jam Monopoly game will be fun for fans of the new movie, who will appreciate how playing basketball is incorporated into the gameplay. There are several new rules, so you’ll probably want to read through the instructions first before you sit down to play, but the basic premise is the same, so it shouldn’t be too hard to get the hang of it. The only other thing we’d say about this game is that we wish the character tokens featured more of the familiar Looney Tunes characters as opposed to so many new characters.

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