Space and Dinosaurs 3D Puzzles Review

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Editor's Review

The incredible artwork for Space was designed by US illustrator Brad Albright and has 500 pieces! The image uses bold outlines against a gentle greeny-blue background to make the figures leap out of the picture. It comes with two ‘goggles’ too- so you can enjoy the full effect of the picture along with a friend, but even without glasses, this retro 3D puzzle looks cool- the standout figures float around space, which is colored in deep shades of purple, blue, and green that gradually blend into each other.

Now, if space isn’t exactly your thing, we’ve got another option for you- DINOSAURS! Brad Albright designed this piece too! The dynamic dinosaur design on this 500-piece puzzle includes a strutting stegosaurus and terrifying pterodactyls roaming above the lush leafy landscape. This too comes with 3D glasses! Of course, you don’t need to wear the glasses, but it does look even more realistic as the dinos leap out of the puzzle.

Space and Dinosaurs 3D Puzzles

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The puzzle pieces are made of extra-thick cardboard. A poster is also included and it’s fun to do alone or with others.

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