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Editor's Review

Parents are always looking for new ways to comfort their babies, and now with Soothie Sleeve, parents can use their own scent. First, a parent wears the sleeve to absorb their scent. Then, they place the sleeve on the plush animal. Now when a child hugs or sleeps with the plush toy, they’ll have their parent’s scent to help comfort them. There are four plush animals with Soothie Sleeves to choose from: Bella the Bear, Emmy the Elephant, Lucy the Lamb, and Baxter the Bunny. Each one also comes with a board book called “My Soothie Sleeve Close at Heart” written by Ellie Donahue. The book explains to kids how the Soothie Sleeve works and that even when they’re far apart from their parent, they’re still “close at heart”. This product was created by a pediatrician based on scientific studies showing that babies exposed to their mother’s scent experience less fear and anxiety, cry less, and feed better.

Soothie Sleeve

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The Soothie Sleeve could be an ideal tool for soothing your baby in many situations, including when you have a babysitter, when another family member is doing a nighttime bottle feeding, when your child goes to daycare, or at your toddler’s bedtime. The plush animals are really soft with bean-filled hands and feet that give them a fun floppy feel. They’ll be a wonderful cuddle buddy for your child, and with the Sleeve on, they’ll hopefully be very calming for your child.

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