Soothe Me Rattle, Time to Shake Rattle, Baby Babble Rattle, & Push n’ Pull UFO Review

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Editor's Review

The Soothe Me Rattle has dancing beads that stimulate the baby’s curiosity, helping develop visual concentration skills. Press the bottom to hear a womb relaxing sound. The combination of the beads’ motion and the sounds help soothe and calm the baby.

The Time to Shake Rattle is a red and blue rattle, with colorful beads and a cute chicken-shaped head. The handle has different textures and is the right size for little hands to hold on to. As the baby shakes the rattle, it stimulates the senses and improves hand and eye coordination.

The Baby Babble Rattle is a yellow sippy cup-shaped rattle with colorful beads. It has two handles so the baby can hold, grasp, and shake. The nipple has a two-way mouthpiece that helps the little one develops speech muscles. At first, babies can only control sucking air and not blowing it. As they play with the rattle, they practice and prepare for the first words.

The Push n’ Pull UFO is a colorful, fun toy that stimulates motor skills. The baby can explore by pushing and pulling the different bottoms listening to the sounds they make. When the middle bottom is pressed, a gentle horn plays.

Soothe Me Rattle, Time to Shake Rattle, Baby Babble Rattle, & Push n’ Pull UFO

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These rattles and UFO toy are so fun and a creative way to stimulate babies’ motor and eye coordination skills.


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