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Editor's Review

Create slightly twisted stories with your friends and family when you play Socially Twisted Friends & Family Game. This version tames the original Socially Twisted adult party game to make it playable for kids ages 12 and up. The object of the game is to create the craziest story with a red and a blue card. If your story gets voted the winner, you earn a yellow card, and the player with the most yellow cards at the end of the game wins.

Each player is dealt two to four red, yellow, and blue cards. The red cards tell you what story you need to tell, and the blue cards tell you what words you have to use. Pick a red card and a blue card that go together the best, and then each player gets 60 seconds to tell their story. For instance, you might have to tell a story about “Forgetting to shave before you go on a date” using the words “checkbook, dirty look, gourmet cook, crook, church, and priest”.

Once all the stories have been told, it’s time to vote. Whoever told your favorite story gets a yellow card. (You can’t vote for yourself.) Whoever got the most yellow cards wins and gets to start the next round. After you’ve reached a set number of rounds, the winner is the player with the most yellow cards.

The game comes with 250 cards, but you’ll need to provide your own timer.

There’s also an app version of the game (free for Android and iOS) so that you can play the game anywhere, save your stories, and share or post them.

Socially Twisted Friends & Family Game

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This game has the potential to be incredibly silly. The game is easy to learn but does require that you think creatively to tell your story using the required words. Because there are so many cards in the game, you can combine the red and blue cards in lots of different ways, ensuring that each time you play Socially Twisted, it’ll be a different experience.

Even though this is for ages 12 and up, the game could still get a little raunchy depending on who you are playing with. Older players might still like that they have the option to play this with only adults.


  • Game is easy to learn
  • Gets players thinking creatively
  • Different game experience each time you play
  • Very silly


  • Timer is not included

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