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Editor's Review

Social Skills Board Games use play to help kids improve their social skills. This set of six board games covers morals, manners, showing emotions, managing emotions, friendship, and empathy. There are three double-sided game boards, and instructions for each game are printed directly on the board. Most of the games involve rolling the die and moving that number of spaces along the game board. Read the space you’ve landed on and provide an answer. You might have to say whether the scenario given shows good or bad manners, or give an example of a time you felt an emotion. The first player to reach the finish line or collect all the different colored counters wins.

While the game comes with three boards, 24 counters, and one die, it does not include movers. You could use coins or movers from another board game. The game box doesn’t say how many players you need for each game, but you’ll definitely need at least two. Because of the social nature of the games, the more players you have, the better.

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We like that this gives you six games in one. Whether using these games in a classroom setting or at home, each game requires social interaction among the players. This really gets players communicating and listening. These games could be a good way to help kids identify emotions and figure out solutions for challenging social situations.


Six games in one
Prompt social interaction among players
Classroom or home use
Improve social skills


No movers are included

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