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Editor's Review

We don’t know how much longer we’ll have to wear face masks in public, but it doesn’t matter when you have face masks you’ve made yourself. SnapStyle Printable Masks makes it easy to snap a photo or design and turn it into a customized face mask. All you need is an inkjet printer and the SnapStyle kit.

To get started, use the Mask Creator app on your phone or tablet, or go to the Mask Creator website on your computer. You can take a picture of your face, a design to match an outfit, or any image from your camera roll. Once you have the image you want, insert the fabric sheet into your printer. You’ll want to print a test page first so you know which way to load the fabric. Once printed, let it dry for one minute and then cut out the mask along the black lines. Peel away the backing, turn over the sheet and stick down a nose bridge, place a filter over the nose bridge, and then use adhesive strips and an iron to seal the seams of your mask together. Iron on the elastic bands with more adhesive strips and wear.

Each kit comes with four printable cotton fabric sheets, four filter inserts, four nose bridge strips, eight elastic ear loops, and four heat-activated adhesive tape.

SnapStyle Printable Masks

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Everyone is looking for cool and clever face masks these days. Why not just make your own? The whole process is pretty easy, although our finished mask was a little wonky after we ironed in the pleats. You don’t have to do pleats, though. According to SnapStyle, these three-layer masks do meet WHO and FDA guidelines and standards. However, these are one-time use masks. You can’t wash them and reuse them. You’re really not even supposed to wear one for more than four hours. So these masks might be better for short trips out in public or for a family gathering as opposed to wearing to school or work.

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