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Editor's Review

Collect and customize with Snapsies. Inside each glittery purple ball are the pieces for snapping together a collectible creature, and the more Snapsies you collect, the more you can mix and match to transform a regular llama into a rock star llama shark, for instance. There are 18 Snapsies to collect in this series, including a dragon, llama, shar, mermaid, unicorn, dolphin, goat, seal, and pegasus.

Pop open the ball to reveal the body parts and accessories for giving two looks to one animal. The collector’s guide helps you keep track of which ones you’ve gotten and their rarity level. Decorate the purple ball with the stickers and use it as a display base for your Snapsies creation.


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These animals are super silly, and kids will like the unboxing surprise and customization. We did have some difficulty attaching the accessories and getting them to stay on, so we wish that part was a little better, but overall, mixing and matching the pieces is fun.

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